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92/96 "D" hammer spring -- This is Beretta Part number C99001 and is a true factory D spring

HS-002 Competition hammer spring $7.50
HP-001 Hammer Pin $6
SR-101 92/96 Sear Spring $5
SR-001 92/96 Sear $18
SP-0h01 Right side safety lever (decocker) roll pin $3

TR-001 Blued steel Trigger $55
TS-001 Trigger return spring $3
RC-002 11lb Wolff Recoil Spring (light loads and competition use -- not for continual +p loads)  $8
FP-100 Firing Pin Pack F and G models (firing pin, striker, firing pin spring) $25
LB-100 Locking Block Assembly (locking block, pin, plunger) $60
GS-001 Set of 4 Blue Hex head Grip Screws  (NOT for use in a Vertec without the grip washers) $12.00
GS-101 Set of 4 Blue Hex head Grip Screws Shortened to properly fit the Vertec without the grip washer. $15.00
GW-001 Set of 4 Grip Washers $7.50
GB-001 Grip Screw Bushing $4.00
HC-001 Hammer spring cap.  Black, Aluminum, NO lanyard loop. $20
HC-P01 Hammer spring cap pin.  Solid USA style. $8

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