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Note:  All parts are factory Beretta parts unless otherwise noted


PX4 "Stealth" low profile decocker AND low profile slide catch.  (OUT OF STOCK)

This part will convert your gun to a G configuration (Decock ONLY))

Installation instructions

**On some of the newer PX4s, there is a small piece of the plastic frame which protrudes and prevents the Low profile Slide catch from fitting properly.  This is easily solved by cutting out the offending piece of plastic with a razor knife.

PX-RP1 Roll pin for the low profile safety. $3
MB-PX1 PX4 Magazine button set.  Contains 3 buttons, the smallest of which is identical to the one that comes installed on the PX4. (OUT OF STOCK) $25
EXTRA Unlisted Item or service. $1

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