S&W Revolver Services

For work on your gun, contact me at dave@olhasso.com.  I work on a limited number of guns at a time and only by reservation.  Do NOT ship me your gun until you contact me.  All prices below do NOT include return overnight shipping charges.

S&W Competition Revolver Package  $600

Fully machined competition lightened Hammer (DA ONLY)

Competition FP + reduced power FP spring

Competition trigger job

Adjust overtravel with new trigger stop (assuming trigger has factory stop)

Chamfer chambers

Adjust timing

Adjust crane lock so cylinder opens and closes with ease

Adjust end shake

Set Barrel Cylinder Gap

Check and address crown

Check and address forcing cone

Address barrel clocking.  Pull and reseat barrel so that front sight is straight

  -If severely overclocked, turn barrel back one complete turn +$50

(+return shipping)


S&W 929 fully loaded for Iron sight competition $950

Includes all Items in the Competition package (above)

Open lead -in cutouts to cylinder stop notches

Remove barrel muzzle cap, mill off barrel nipple, re-crown (muzzle caps cannot be used after this modification)

Bowen .400 tall target rear sight

Dawson .125 x .230 tall fiber optic front sight.  Cross pin drilled and installed.

Hogue or TK cylinder release, checkered and beveled. (choose Hogue long or short, or TK medium)

(+return shipping)
Hogue Cylinder Release - checkered and beveled (choose long or short) $110
Bowen .400 tall rear: $115

To discuss any questions and to schedule your handgun work, contact me at dave@olhasso.com.