For work on your gun, contact me at  I work on a limited number of guns at a time and only by reservation.  Do NOT ship me your gun until you contact me.  All prices below do NOT include return overnight shipping charges which is $70 for guns and $18 for slides.

Smith & Wesson M&P Duty Trigger Job
  • Smooth trigger pull
  • Reduce overtravel on trigger to reduce trigger-jerk
  • Set trigger weight to approximately 4.5lbs
Smith & Wesson M&P Sights (Warren, Dawson) $145
Warren Tritium Sights for the M&P (3 dot or 2 dot setup) $185
Standard Beretta Trigger Job (Beretta 92, 96, cougar, 90-two, and PX4)
  • Smooth Double Action pull
  • Lighten and 'crisp' Single Action pull
  • Install tuned hammer spring (D spring or lighter per customer req.)
Competition ONLY Beretta trigger Job (92, 96, cougar, 90-two, and PX4)
  • Same basics as Standard Trigger Job
  • Polish and smooth all internal parts
  • Install tuned hammer spring for competition use only

***Federal 100 primers MUST be used***        

Internal Over-travel stop (Beretta 92 and 96)
  • Essentially, this modification has the same effect as a trigger stop screw or a "speed bump"
  • The modification is done to the transfer bar and since it is 100% internal, it is legal for both IDPA ESP & SSP divisions.
  • **It is questionable whether this modification is currently legal in production (1/15/09)
  • Due to the heat involved with welding, this modification will discolor the front 1/2" of your trigger bar.
Competition ONLY Beretta trigger and Parts package (92 and 96)
  • Competition ONLY trigger Job.
  • Welded Transfer bar for trigger over-travel
  • 11lb recoil Spring
  • Extended slide stop spring 
  • Steel Beretta Trigger
  • Steel Guide Rod

**Federal 100 primers MUST be used***
***USPSA and IDPA legal overtravel stop***


Install and blend magwell to your 92/96 frame.  


  • This requires minor filing of the frame and possibly the magwell which will leave bare aluminum exposed on the inside of your magazine funnel.  I do NOT offer any refinishing services.

$30 to $45
Trijicon Sights on a Beretta
  • Install sights and adjust for windage using our test ammo
  • Green front and green rear.  (yellow or orange rear may incur additional cost)
  • ** I will not work on Stoeger Cougar sights **
$175 - 92/96

$190 - PX4

Rear sight windage adjustment
  • Just send your slide, barrel, guide rod and your ammo.

(+$10 ammo charge)

PX4 Safety Installation or G conversion: $30
Disassemble, inspect, replace worn parts, reassemble. Slide: $40 + parts
Frame: $40 + parts
Entire Gun: $70 + parts
Disassemble, inspect, replace worn parts, HAND CLEAN, LUBRICATE, reassemble. Slide: $60 + parts
Frame: $60 + parts
Entire Gun: $100 + parts
10% discount on services for Law Enforcement and active Military.  
This is for labor only and does NOT include any parts packages.
10% discount for concurrent services performed on multiple guns.
This is for labor only and does NOT include any parts packages.
Return shipping
is $70 for one gun plus an additional $20 for each additional gun

To discuss any questions and to schedule your handgun work, contact me at