Prices do not include return shipping which is usualy between $60 and $85

Duty trigger job on modern semi auto not listed below

$145 estimate

Smith & Wesson M&P Duty Trigger Job

  • Smooth trigger pull
  • Reduce overtravel on trigger to reduce trigger-jerk
  • Set trigger weight to approximately 4.5lbs


Smith & Wesson M&P Sights (Warren, Dawson)


Warren Tritium Sights for the M&P (3 dot or 2 dot setup)


Standard Beretta Trigger Job (Beretta 92, 96, cougar, 90-two, and PX4)

  • Smooth Double Action pull
  • Lighten and 'crisp' Single Action pull
  • Install tuned hammer spring (D spring or lighter per customer req.)


Competition ONLY Beretta trigger Job (92, 96, cougar, 90-two, and PX4)

  • Same basics as Standard Trigger Job
  • Polish and smooth all internal parts
  • Install tuned hammer spring for competition use only


Internal Over-travel stop (Beretta 92 and 96)

  • Essentially, this modification has the same effect as a trigger stop screw or a "speed bump"
  • The modification is done to the transfer bar and since it is 100% internal, it is legal for both IDPA ESP & SSP divisions.
  • Due to the heat involved with welding, this modification will discolor the front 1/2" of your trigger bar.
  • Production division legal


Competition ONLY Beretta trigger and Parts package (92 and 96)

  • Competition ONLY trigger Job.
  • Welded Transfer bar for trigger over-travel
  • 11lb recoil Spring
  • Extended slide stop spring
  • Steel Beretta Trigger
  • Steel Guide Rod


Prices do not include return shipping which is usualy between $60 and $85

Duty/ Carry trigger job on a S&W or Ruger modern revolver


S&W Competition Revolver Package

  • Fully machined competition lightened Hammer (DA ONLY)
  • Competition FP + reduced power FP spring
  • Competition trigger job
  • Chamfer cylinder chambers
  • Adjust overtravel with new trigger stop (assuming trigger has factory stop)
  • Adjust Timing
  • Adjust crane lockup so cylnder opens and closes with ease
  • Adjust end shake Set Barrel Cylinder Gap
  • Check and address crown
  • Check and address forcing cone
  • Address barrel clocking. Pull and reseat barrel so that front sight is straight -If severely overclocked, turn barrel back one complete turn +$50


S&W 929 fully loaded for Iron sight competition

  • Includes all Items in the Competition package (above)
  • Open lead -in cutouts to cylinder stop notches
  • Remove barrel muzzle cap, mill off barrel nipple, re-crown (muzzle caps cannot be used after this modification)
  • Bowen .400 tall target rear sight
  • Dawson .125 x .230 tall fiber optic front sight. Cross pin drilled and installed.
  • Hogue or TK cylinder release, checkered and beveled. (choose Hogue long or short, or TK medium)


Hogue or TK Cylinder Release - checkered and beveled


Bowen .400 tall rear


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